Welcome to our company

“MCM Commodities” is a new company registered in the republic of Kosovo and its main Business Focus is “Energy Trading”. Despite the fact that “MCM Commodities” is a newly opened company, being fully owned by a large Business Group in Kosovo “MCM Group” present in the country and the region for 30 years, it gives to the new company a strong financial and professional background in Private Business Development. MCM Group, consisting numerous of companies involved in different key business fields, now for 30 years is one of the most successful business groups, not only in Kosovo, but in the region as well. “MCM Commodities “evolves in the direction of being a leading electricity marketing company in the Region, offering a full range of energy products and service and environmental products to meet our customers’ unique and evolving needs.

Our trading strategy, projects and services are focused mainly on the customer needs. Thanks to our flexible and individual approach we offer personalized solutions in energy management and high quality electric equipment and materials. Our market strategy means fair play, human resources and acting with coherence.

MCM Commodities has born as a commercial and engineering company concentrated over the industrial sectors. Identifying power sector as one of the most strategic sectors for the country development and consequently as the main target of the company MCM

Commodities activity focused in two main areas:

1) The trade of energy & electric/electronic equipment
2) Engineering in the Project Implementation (Power projects, Metering and Process Control Systems) and in the application of new technologies. Today MCM Commodities has a consolidated position in the Kosovo energy sector and relationship with well-known local and international companies. Continual improvement in goods, services and quality is essential for strengthening the business relations with customers, which are in the focus of everything we do. This will be the challenge and the mission of the company for the future. Through years MCM Commodities is focused in different sectors of economy paying main attention on energy ,water, wastewater and telecommunication.