Electricity Trading in the Republic Kosova

The ability to continue to identify efficiencies in operating models continues to be an important focus for energy companies. As energy trading activity increases, prior cutbacks in organizational capabilities must be reconsidered. Examine consistency and alignment between roles, processes and incentive plans, to verify that all areas of the organization are working to contribute to the same strategic goals. The next generation of energy trading platforms will respond to the imperatives of regulatory oversight, increased competition from traditional and nontraditional segments, sector convergence, mergers and consolidations and continuous change in the business environment. Mature energy traders require new business and technological capabilities based on new systems architecture requirements.


Organizational Structure of “MCM Commodities”

MCM Commodities” has begun in a very simple way operation in such business but sustainable, persistent and very serious competent Organizational Structure. Including Chief Executive Officer, the company has 5 other Managers such as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Director, Product Development and HR/Marketing Manager. Strengths

• Strong promoters

• First mover advantage

• Qualified manpower and networking

• Government support

• Access to transmission infrastructure

• Geographical strength: Kosovo has 4 borders which makes the country central in the region.