MCM Commodities is one of Kosovo’s leading power trading companies. Since 2016, we have created a strategic position in Kosovo’s power market and the process of power trading. MCM Commodities being part of the prestigious corporate group "MCM GROUP", one of the largest corporates in the region for more than 30 years and major shareholder in aviation, banking, insurance, telecommunications, production and trade; has influenced the companies comparative advantage. Within that, we have a stable background of both financially and professionally.


We process and analyze amounts of data every day enabling our partners to optimize their goals. By basing the power trading process on our internal trading strategies it allows us to exploit various opportunities and maximize the trading results.


  • All delivery periods: base, peak and customized profile.
  • Physical or financial settlements.
  • Short- term trading, Spot Market and day-ahead to intraday trading.
  • Develop tailor made hedging strategies.
  • Analyze the drivers of power prices, forecast and buy.


Our trading strategy, projects and services are focused mainly on the customer needs. Thanks to our flexible and individual approach we offer personalized solutions in energy management and high quality electric equipment and materials. Our market strategy means fair play, human resources and acting with coherence.

Forward Thinking Trade

First Mover Advantage

Strong Promoters

Qualified Manpower and Networking


MCM Commodities is based Kosovo’s power market and the process of power trading.
Considering Kosovo’s geographical location of 4 borders, it makes the country central in the region for energy trading specifically exports. The increasing demand of energy consumption is influencing the energy production by creating a surplus and over production, which creates high advantages in the energy export sector.


Wastewater Management

MCM Commodities as the local partner of VEOLIA, which is s a French transnational company with activities in three main service and utility areas traditionally managed by public authorities water management, waste management and energy services, deals with waste water management in the region of Kosovo.
Our main goal is to ensure high quality water and wastewater services, by meeting the challenges of ecology and territories development in the region.
Three Strategic Objectives:

  • Innovate to gain in efficiency, rapidity and quality
  • Foster Initiatives
  • Implement advanced waste water services


In order to maximize the value of renewable energy, MCM Commodities also engages with hydropower. Thus, since 2011, MCM Commodities power production of hydropower plant is from “ H.C. Burimi” located in Istog, Kosova.

The advantages of hydropower are many, it is renewable, reliable, and flexible, which can serve with low-cost electricity from local resources. In addition, hydropower produces no air pollutants and shows the lowest greenhouse gases emission of all power generation technologies. Being that, Kosovo’s power production relies low on hydropower, leaves room to innovate and be part in renewable energy.

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Dear challengers, industry-shapers, MCM Commodities is open to expand together in its innovative journey. Being passionate and walk the extra mile to help each other succeed, is why should jump on board.
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